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14/05/15 Version 3.1.7
This update fixes user error if using speech marks in names and address fields - which caused duplicates when exporting to CSV in the Marketing feature. Also an email validator which is useful when sending bulk emails.

Version 3.1.6
This is due to a slight bug in the payment terms, where you can enter a tick in the settings to show invoices as 'Paid' - it was only showing the first one in the settings, as opposed to ones you may have created or tried to create. This fix now allows to create your own as normal. This bug may have been caused by the last update which was unenforceable.

To alter/create your own payment terms go here: Settings, General, Picklist Manager, Payment Terms 'Is Paid' This feature allows you to show in your data which have been paid or not (and shown in the overdue invoice screen) so long as you have your type of paid terms set as 'Is Paid'. This also allows you to show zero on paid invoices (if selected via Settings, Invoices and tick the box at the bottom of the screen) .

Version 3.1.4
This version fixes a bug where the name and contact details were missing from the appointment scheduler. There was also an error screen when trying to make an appointment. This bug was only occurring on v3.1.3.

Version 3.1.3
This version now has a 'Title' merge field added in to the Settings, Quotes & Invoicing tabs, for sending emails (if you want to use it). There is also 'Dept' merge field added in to the merge Word doc template, aswell as a new 'FirstName', 'LastName' field to give the user an alternative merge whereby it will automatically insert a 'title' if there is no first name for any clients (if the user hasn't selected the title for that document). There was also a minor bug on this new look version only - the X clear button in the Reports (for the month), this now works as before.

Version 3.0.1
This version fixes a minor bug where when creating a client for the first time and then going to use QuoteMASTER, the client was not showing in the name/address window. This saves closing the program and re-opening it for it to show.

Version 3.0.9
This version fixes a minor bug where some quotes were not showing in the mini screen on the front main panel. Also the - signs have been removed from the overdue invoice mini screen, as it didn't make sense.

Version 3.0.8
This version fixes a minor bug where the search feature was missing address line 3 and also to remove the evaluation message on invoices when using a Pro version 'installment plan' licence code.

Version 3.0.7
The software has been updated to a more modern look with a few hidden extra features to ensure more ease of use. The main screen has been re-configured and now shows 4 'mini screens'. These show live data giving the user instant awareness of recent clients, recent invoices, outstanding invoices and recent quotes/quoutemaster quotes. It also updates v3.0.6 which was not showing the invoice source correctly in the reports.

Version 2.7.5
The automatic duplicate checker has been updated to now include the postcode, this helps to prevent the same address being used (with a different client name for example). There has also been a fix for a minor issue when trying to create an invoice immediately after creating a client.

26/04/13 Version 2.7.4
A date ranger error has now been adjusted to show the correct range. It used to show the end of a month in selecting a range but missed the last day. This was for marketing & reports.

Version 2.7.3
This update now has a 'Nudge' feature in QuoteMASTER to allow percentage increases/decreases on the fly for all price packages/maint plans whilst in the customer's home. There is also a feature to change room sizes in to other measurement units, an Additions feature to allow extra sizes to be entered i.e. L shaped rooms without the need to enter another row. There is now a multiple Opt Out feature for email, text and mail merge, a confirmation of email checked, and a duplicate client checker which allows the user to be warned automatically if there is someone with the same name - when entering a client.

Version 2.6.8
This update has a bug fix for the calendar date system, the program now also includes an automatic duplicate record checker when creating a new client, there are now phone numbers on printed invoices/quotes. There is also a new box on the client screen called 'Dept' to use for businesses.

Version 2.6.5
This update has a bug fix for items not being saved in the picklist manager for 'deduction types' i.e. when entering items to be deducted from room measurements.

Version 2.6.4
This update now includes a feature to deduct areas from room sizes in QuoteMASTER i.e. Beds, fireplaces etc (the drop down list can be edited in the Picklist Manager), free text can also be entered. Also in Reports, if you are VAT registered it now shows a VAT figure only (Report Summary), and a tick on/off to show archived (old) sources or not. The calendar print sheet now has more room to show appointments on the week view. The invoicing now allows quantities to be split i.e. 1.5, 1.25 etc (can be used for hourly rates for instance, or part items). In the Sales Accounts it now has an option to show 'all' or 'paid only', ideal for sending an accountant a current paid list. This update also has a minor bug fix in displaying total spend for a client when using the Marketing tab.

Version 2.6.0
The new Text TARGETER system is now available free for PRO users. This works the same as the mailing and emailing, to keep it user friendly & uniform. There is also a unique file system for each client - thus allowing users to save files (including images, videos, pdf's - ANY type of file) to their folder in the client screen. This is ideal for instance for keeping records of jobs - allowing quick reference. Subsequently there is also a new 'Restore a Database' wizard which zips client files (to reduce hard drive memory). There is also a new selector in the client screen to note what access is like (TM, portable etc etc). The old Mail Merge button has been replaced with a Marketing button (on the main screen) as it is now more relevant. A small bug is now fixed disallowing users to incorrectly manually remove used invoice sources which could have caused errors. This now allows easy deletion of unwanted sources without cluttering up the system. There are also now contact tel numbers on the invoice list aswell as on each invoice screen, which makes it easier to contact overdue invoices.

Version 2.5.0
The new PRO version is released with the new in-home QuoteMASTER system. Also all versions now show reports for paid only invoices (aswell as the usual all invoices). The margin has also been adjusted in the printed invoice to fit in a small window envelope.

This version now allows users to input a date in to the invoices - when they have actually been 'paid'. This information then shows up in the sales accounts for your accountant.

30/04/11 Version
This version now includes an update that allows the user to add in multiple 'Paid' terms for Invoices (i.e. Paid-BACS, Paid-Cheque, Paid-Cash etc, or whatever you want to add if desired). In the Picklist Manager there is now a tick-box 'Is Paid' which is just a flag to indicate the 'Paid' status on the Client Statement. This version automatically ticks this for those who just have 'Paid' as their default.  Also there was a minor glitch with licence key authentication giving an error message and it also fixes a VAT lineage error in invoices (2nd row).


User Guide:

To download a user guide please click
here If you want to save it, right click and click 'Save target as' then choose a location on your computer.

Installation Tips:

Before you use the software be sure to set up ALL the details in the SETTINGS menu first. Make sure you are happy with your 'Services', 'Sources', 'Client Types' - and all the rest of the items in the 'Picklist Manager' (from the 'General' tab - everything can be edited). Once you have used any of these in your invoices you won't be able to delete them off. So do it first before you start entering clients, later you can of course add more if you wish, archive un-used ones you don't want, or simply edit them.

Please note:

We do not offer support for Windows XP anymore - this is due to Microsoft withdrawing support from April 2014

Before any updates/re-installation, you must back up your data first. Back up your data via the 'settings' tab. Removing Cleaners Mate should not remove your data, so re-installing/updating is easy. However, it is always advisable to manually back up your information by clicking 'Save Backup' and choose an alternative location like a memory stick etc.

For the very latest updated release you can download it here (or alternatively a zip file here) - you won't need you to re-enter your licence code. Make sure you back up your data before installing a newer version.
Need help? Video tutorials here
Have you got the latest version? Updates/Versions to date:
Do not attempt to force edit any invoice or quote 'manually' as it could produce an error. If anything needs to be edited, please do so via the Picklist Manager in the Settings.
Supported operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
The programme is best viewed in 1280 x 800 or 1366 x 768 resolution
Microsoft Office (min Word) is required to use the letter based marketing feature.
Simply click what country you are in, to use correct features for currency settings and address information.
Microsoft .NET Framework is required. If you don't have it (if you have an older operating system) then you can download it here or here  Also if you require a Visual C++ update, it is recommended you download here or here
The programme relies on internet activation (after purchase) to ensure authenticity of registered keycodes. Any attempt to register by a non purchaser will result in a non issue of a licence code and render the program unusable.
To use the bulk e mail system correctly you must have Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird etc installed with the settings available (no online addresses i.e. hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc). HOWEVER, you can use Hotmail, Gmail etc from the client screen in Cleaners Mate - once these have been entered in to i.e. Windows Live Mail.
For any upgrades or re-installation it is recommended that all your data is backed up first to avoid any data loss.