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Here Is A Short Overview Of Our Unique Program - And Why So Many Independent Operators, Multi Van Outfits & Franchise Companies ....Love Cleaners Mate®!

Client Screen
An absolute one stop shop to do everything you ever wanted to do with your client - all from one screen! You can create & send letters, emails, invoices, quotes, get statements, do sales accounts, create appointments, set reminders. An easy interface which also shows all invoices and quotes (inc their notes), and personal notes on the client. There is even a link to see where they live in google maps/street view - one click and your there! Great if you haven't got a sat nav! You now also have the facility to text your client with one click - and also add photos and videos of jobs etc to our unique client file system! You can also enter access types i.e. TM, Portable etc etc. More

Easily construct invoices using different terms, services, have your logo on them, and more. You can even email your client (great for commercial clients!) an invoice in PDF format - with an automated email pane (editable) with just the click of one button! All client invoices are shown on the client screen. More

Quotations are used and shown in the exact same way as invoices. Again, these can be emailed instantly. The great thing about these quotations is that they can be converted to an invoice, with the click of one button! - this saves doing it all from scratch! More

In-Home QuoteMASTER™
Arguably an incredibly invaluable piece of kit in our software. Easily convert your in home quotations in to paying clients AND increase your job ticket value! Simply offer your clients so much more in terms of 'packages' (editable), enter room sizes and print off in the clients home. Also creates packages for stone & tile, leather etc etc etc. Transform your conversions, and up your average job value! More

Marketing - Paper Mailings, Emailing or Texting
Contacting your clients is an absolute breeze using our marketing system. Using the clients last invoice date is the most important aspect to contacting them for marketing. We even give you template letters when you purchase. But why stop there, using our unique contact system allows you to focus on clients by a particular service that they have had - or even by how much they have spent - or by postcode, even by where they heard about you! This feature also allows you to mail your clients by mass email in the same way. So you can effectively target your clients in a normal way - or target them using our niche filters. Its all done the same way, either by using Mailing, E mailing or Texting. More

Client Statements
Statements are a vital chunk of information that commercial clients in particular really do require. You can send a particular client a statement by whatever date range you select, and by clicking one button they will get this info in seconds. This can easily be printed off by them and filed if needed. More

Sales Accounts
When it comes time to collate your sales figures for your accountant, don't slave over invoices or spreadsheets, simply select a date range of your choice and instantly send him your complete figures inc ref No's, invoice No's, names, sub total, VAT, total etc. By clicking one button, he will receive a spreadsheet with all this information...instantly! More

Reports PLUS™
WOW, these are the only words to describe this amazing aspect to Cleaners Mate. You will instantly be in touch with your business, and will instantly know how to save money and increase profits! The format is in graph form to make it nice and easy to understand. You'll know where your work is coming from, you'll know what services are selling (or not selling), your average job value and much more. More

Need to create reminders? Or have an effective diary system to control things in your office? Well our appointments feature will take care of that. Easily create appointments that automatically insert job quotes or invoices - including name and address/phone number, job details, and the price to charge the client. You can even print off a technician worksheet for the day, which includes all this information! Have multiple technicians in your company? Easily create separate users to show on screen, and again each having their own worksheet. This gets even better when you can email each of them their worksheets instantly - so that they don't have to pick them up from the office. What a time saver! More

Main Interface on program opening
Whenever you open the program you will be presented by a great feature. Firstly you can have your own company image on the screen - to make it look like your own software and give you that cozy feel. Secondly an amazing search facility for you to find certain clients. Search by either (and any part of), first name, surname, address, postcode, phone number, invoice number, quote number, etc. This is great for speed and finding those hard to find clients in an instant!

Email is an essential form of contact in this present day. Our software draws on your own email client so keeps everything uniform. You can send emails from the client screen or by the mail merge feature to mass mail (in a targeted manner). Your invoices and quotes can of course be emailed too! You can even set up templates in the settings.

Template Letters
When you purchase your copy of Cleaners Mate, we aim to help you on your way, so we will send you templates to use - which are all in Microsoft Word, for ease of use. These include letters, address labels etc which can all be edited of course. The beauty of this program allows you to use ANY Word document you can think of. This includes: leaflets, flyers, newsletters - in fact anyhting you can design!

Now That's What We Call A Feature Packed Database! - Cant Find This In 'Other' Software?...Well No, You Probably Wont!!
Cleaners Mate® Overview
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