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Q: Does it work on an iPad, iPhone, Mac etc?
It will work on a Mac by simply using 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' This easily allows you to use Windows/Microsoft software - safely and seamlessly (more details here  Alternatively you can use the inbuilt facility in a Mac called 'bootcamp'. Although it will work on the other devices too (remotely) it is by using various programs i.e. PocketCloud, GoToMyPc etc. This requires you to have a pc/laptop on at home/office, and then you access it using these programs via your device. They simply connect via a customers WiFi or through an internet dongle. It works very well, we have tried it and so has one of our users. The good thing about it is you dont have to manually update your Cleaners Mate, as the remote access does it for you. More info here: &

Q: Is there a FREE trial?
Yes there is. Simply download it and use it to get a feel for it for 30 days before deciding to buy it. We wouldn't want you to buy it if it didn't suit your needs! (we do not offer refunds).

Q: Can I import all my clients from elsewhere?
Yes you can. There is an import feature that allows you to do this via spreadsheet format. This will allow basic data like names, addresses, tel No's, e mails, notes etc to be brought in - it cannot import more complex data automatically i.e. invoice history. There is help however (see below).

Q: Does it allow me to back up the data in case I have a crash?
Yes you can. There is a backup feature that allows you to do this.

Q: Does this program cover other things like stone, tile, leather, curtains etc etc?
Yes it does!. By default there are many services that cater for Carpets, Upholstery, Stone, Tile, Curtains, Leather plus many more! It's really easy editing these - or inserting your own.

Q: Can I bulk contact all my clients in one go, or can I choose different criteria to only contact those I wish to?
Yes you can do both, either by paper, email or text. There are so many different choices to choose from it is completely definable right down to even what service they last had done. Usually you first want to choose a date range - by their last invoice date. This is the most important bit as you can send out various letters like annual reminders and loads of marketing. But if you wanted to define further in the date ranges you can.

Q: Can I do quotations aswell as invoices?
Yes you can. In fact not only can you instantly e mail quotations to your clients in PDF format showing how professional you are, you can also one click this to convert it to an invoice - so you don't have to do all that work again!. With our QuoteMASTER you can even do in-home quotations offering different packages and maintenance plans.

Q: Can the program be used via a network i.e. on different pc's?
No it cannot. The software is a standalone programme solely intended for an individual pc. It will not work via a network and each purchase is licensed for the sole intention of the buyer only.

Q: Does the software calculate all my accounts?
No it doesn't. The software does however calculate all your sales accounts - either with VAT or without. You simply choose a date range of your choice and then simply send it with one click to your accountant (or whoever). It will include your invoice numbers, dates, client names, net, VAT and gross. You will still need to calculate/keep separate records for your purchases/petty cash etc - remember, this is not an accounts package.

Q: If I have any problems with the software - can I get help?
Yes you can. The software is incredibly easy to install and operate, you will instinctively feel at home so you shouldn't have any problems installing it. For genuine registered users there is an e mail support contact for any actual
programmes faults only (we have had none to date). Please note: If this system is abused i.e. someone else tries an attempt to register a genuine copy, it WONT BE ACCEPTED and will be automatically refused - as it is deemed as already being registered. All copies have to be registered whether it is the trial version (if you wish to use it for more than 30 days) or the full version, to make the programme work properly.

Q: Do I have to pay any monthly ongoing fee's?
NO! Unlike other similar software we do not charge any ongoing fee's. Once you buy the program, that's it!

Q: How may times can I use the software?
The software licence code number allows you to use it on up to 2 different pc's only (not at the same time, as they do not sync with each other). Each time you install it on a pc the code entered is authenticated on a server. Once you have gone through using 2 pc's you will need to purchase another licence which can then be used on your 3rd and 4th pc's etc. When you re-licence your data is of course maintained within the system. Remember, Cleaners Mate is a standalone program designed to be used on only one pc at a time i.e. when your 1st pc expires, you install it on a 2nd pc with your saved back up from the 1st pc

Q: I have old invoice history in another database that I wish to put into Cleaners Mate - can I do this?
Yes you can. However this is not by the normal import feature. Unfortunately this sort of data is impossible to import automatically (it's the same with any database), but if you have it in a current database structure at present it is possible to bring all this data in. We can put you in touch with a company who could do this for you - at a competative price. Just e mail us with your request.

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Please note:

We do not offer support for Windows XP anymore - this is due to Microsoft withdrawing support from April 2014