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Do You Need Your Franchisee's To Improve Their Turnover? - FAST?

A Franchise System Designed To Give You Information - Critical For Business Growth!

A franchisor needs to be in control of his business, this is sometimes overlooked and taken for granted that their franchisee's are doing fine. Well this isn't always the case! But how do you get the right data to keep your franchisee's on the right track? YOU NEED TO KNOW:

>  All work carried out
>  Where they were located
>  What price was charged
>  What the average job values are
>  What the totals are
>  What services are selling
>  Where the work is coming from (sources) - and more.

Well first of all, you the franchisor gets this information via e mail - presented in an easy to understand format, from each and everyone of the franchisee's. And it isn't difficult - in fact its dead easy!

All the franchisee has to do is is click the month that is relevant for the report to be sent (i.e. if the current time is the beginning of September, you the franchisor will want his data relating to the all of August). Then click the 'Send' button, DONE!! So there will be no excuses from any franchisee, that the task is too difficult - as even a small child could do it.

Here are some images showing the main screen with the 'Franchise' button, and then the data selection/e mail procedure. Don't forget, the franchisee only has to enter the franchisors e mail address the once as it remembers it forever (until manually changed)!
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Just by selecting a date range (clicking a month for instance) produces the information ready to send to the franchisor!

To purchase your franchise copy simply go here. For bulk prices please call.