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Use Our Unique QuoteMASTER™ system & Convert More Jobs Into Paying Clients!
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More Professional & As Easy As 123!

More professional
Raise your company profile with your clients & beat your competitors!

Convert More Clients
Easily Secure More Quotes into Jobs!

Gain Higher Job Values

Effortlessly win more add on services & increase average job tickets!

Easily calculate multiple rooms quicker and more efficiently!

More in-depth

Automatically offer different service packages at the click of a button!

Much Quicker 
No more lengthy handwriting! Quote large properties swiftly & efficiently!

Automated Sales Tool 
No more trying to 'sell' add-ons or packages - this does it for you!
Getting Fed Up With Writing Out Quotes? ...Need Automatic Calculations of Different Packages To Give To Your Clients? ...Need More Conversions? ...Crave An Automated Selling Tool?

Well now you can with our QuoteMaster™ system!

There's no more need to fear the prospect of 'selling' to your clients - or  worry about if your client will 'go' for extra services like protection etc or not, as this feature will do it all automatically for you! Now, by offering different packages to your clients this does 2 things:

1).  It tells them that you are an efficient professional - who wants to give the best possible service you can offer them!
2).  It gives them different options to choose from - and that you don't just do one thing. People love choices!

Using this feature is very easy, its fully editable and you can set up your own packages and prices quickly. It even lets you set it up for Sq ft, Sq Mtrs or Sq Yards, types of upholstery etc etc.

If quoting for carpets, simply enter the rooms by a drop down menu (editable), then the room sizes. You will then be presented with a sheet to print off for your client - showing all your different packages. It is that simple! - its that quick!

The Easy Bit!...

Then by simply explaining what these packages are - it suddenly becomes an amazing selling tool - in a 'non selling way' - if that makes sense. This sounds crazy but it's the easiest way TO sell to clients!

You see, rather than you 'trying to push an add-on or extra service' - which people can be defensive/objective against, your merely telling them what it all means on the print out. They are not even aware that you are in fact selling these other services because its not in their face, or akin to any 'direct sales'. Thats the beauty of this system!

You could easily find yourself booking higher value jobs - without even trying! people you wouldn't expect. Don't believe it? Try it for yourself as this really is a tried and tested method - that actually works!

It will automatically give prices for Carpets or Upholstery cleaning inc protection, Stone cleaning inc sealing, Allergy treatments, protection for new carpets - in fact any service/package you want to offer your clients! Check the video for a tutorial. Need a printer to print your quotations off? Click here for the perfect model (fits in a laptop bag too).
When in the client screen, simply click the Quote Master button at the top, or go to the Quote Master tab at the bottom (which also allows you to view/edit all their previous in-house quotes). Then simply click Add and this will bring up a selection box to choose what type of quotation you need to do.
Filling out the quotation is so easy and straightforward. You can add in or remove ANY package or Maintenance Plan 'on the fly' - whilst talking to the client. You will notice I have created 3 packages for carpets in the bottom of the image. All of these are ticked by default as we want them in for every quotation. If we don't want to show one i.e. if it is irrelevant for the client, then simply untick whichever one you want taken off - and it will be removed from the screen. The same applies for the maintenance plans.

You can delete any row if you make a mistake, and once all done you can even 'hide' any row which then also removes the prices (great if the client decides on not having something done in the end). Any hidden row will still be in the system, you just need to 'show' them by clicking the same button again. This keeps all the room sizes and prices for your future use! So it's a good idea to ask to quote for the other rooms while your there, and that way they will all be in the quote system - and any subsequent discounts will be automatically calculated - just by hiding or showing rooms!

Beds, Fireplaces or big units in the way etc? Not a problem. This is brilliant and for removing a bed for example & saves you measuring around it (if they want you to clean around it). Simply enter the bed by selecting from the drop down (you can create your own list and it allows free text for things you may not have thought of). You also have the option to hide or show the room measurements from the printed document, so the client doesn't see them (or wants to if need be).

Discounts are editable in the system - you can set them to what you want and choose whether to even offer it to the client or not - whilst in the quote!

You can enter any general notes - to cover you against the client, if things do go smoothly. For instance it is a good idea to mention anything of concern regarding stain removal, wear etc and their likelyhood of being removed.
As you can see, this quotation has the stairs entered and it allows you to select either 'NORMAL' or 'WIDE' depending how big they are! No sizes need to be entered for these it does it automatically for you (although you can create your own sizes in the settings). After selecting stairs you just have to enter how many stairs there are - done! Now this quotation is ready for print - but the next part will give you one more amazing feature!..
This is the carpet quotation PRINT OUT, its easy doing other things like Upholstery, Leather, Curtains, Rugs, Hard Floors and printing those off too. Having individual sheets is important and gives the client to go through them. By explaining the packages involved is a fantastic selling tool.
In the settings it is very easy setting up the packages. We have given you a head start so its just a case of editing, deleting or creating. By clicking the service on the left, brings up the package structure on the right. From here you can set your unit prices - feet, metres, yards, whatever you work in, simple.

You can have completely individual prices for (in this example) carpets, or any service you create. If you don't want this on your system then simply delete them and maybe have a one carpet called 'domestic', with one price set. All prices, package names, maintenance plans are completely adaptable, editable and adjustable!
Here is a standard set of rooms to use in the quotes, again editing or deleting and creating can be done from here. You can of course enter a room manually whilst in a quote if it isnt in the list above.
In this section you can create the package names - just edit them to suit, or simply delete any you dont want. You will notice a percentage rate - this is how much on top of the basic unit price you want to add for your given package/s. For instance, for our Perfect Care (clean & protect) we want to earn half as much as our Full Service (clean) to add on top. So just enter a 50% increase and now the Perfect Care is 50% more for the client to pay. So lets say the carpet cleaning is 100, this means that for the protection on top of the clean (clean & protect) would be 150.
Here we have clicked on the Leather and this brings out on the right pane all the same package and editing features as the carpets. So its a breeze creating your base prices and package prices. Again, maintenance packages can also be added.
This is the Maintenance Section of the packages. A basic one would be a 50% payment on the day for clean & protect (or whatever package you create) - saving them half the normal cost...with 12 monthly installments for the following annual clean and protect (at normal full price). But of course you can edit these i.e. any term length (say 3 months or a 6 months instead of the 12 perhaps). The payment/saving can be changed too (you don't have to have the standard 50%).

The 2 maintenance packages above are there for you, but of course you can create others if you wish.
...How about nudging the price!

Ever been to a quote and thought 'I WISH I COULD CHARGE MORE FOR THIS JOB!' Well now you can - on the fly - whilst in the client's home! What we mean is you can nudge the price by a percentage by whatever amount you want to - across the board! So if the job is a real dirty place or maybe in a flat on the 3rd floor (which means they will take longer) - well why not increase the job value by say 10%, without the client even knowing!! Our users think this is a godsend and so do we! PLUS you can even nudge it backwards to give them a discount if you wish!

Easily convert room sizes given by the client (Metres, Feet, Yards) - automatically on the phone! When a client calls you for a price and you usually use for example feet for room sizes -  even if already in an existing quotation, and they give rooms in metres - you can enter the metre sizes, then just right click the measurement and click convert to feet! and give them a price! This saves calling them back! It can be the other way round, in fact any measurement can be automatically changed i.e. feet, metres and yards with any combination!

Got an unusual shaped room i.e. An L shaped lounge? - but you dont want to enter it as 2 rooms - on 2 separate rows? No problem! Simply enter the first area and size, then just click 'Show Additions' then enter the size of the 2nd area and type in a reason if desired. This keeps it all nicely on one line to save room and total both areas together! Users love this feature!