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MARKETING - The Lifeblood Of Your Business
But It's Got To Be Simple Right? - Yes It Has!
Marketing Your Clients is One of the Most Important Aspects to Your Business. Use Our System to Dramatic Effect As Soon As You Can - It's Simple & Unique! Either by Letter, Flyer, Newsletter, Postcard, Leaflet etc, Texting or Emailing!

Mail Marketing (Letter Mailings)                                                    

Forget trying to use other programmes to market your clients with letters, reminder cards or leaflets etc - you just can't do it! Sure you can use them to mailshot ALL of your clients in one go, but this is silly, expensive and can be seen as harassing. Also you can't tailor it to suit your requirements that cleaners really need. The Cleaners Mate marketing feature lets you collect your clients data by whichever information you need INSTANTLY - which will enable you to write to them, email them or text them - ALL IN THE SAME WAY! For instance, this unique system lets you choose the last time that they used you (Last Invoice Date) - THIS IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for sending reminder letters (every 6 months since they last used you is recommended). So, simply click on a date range i.e. 6 months ago, click on a Customer Type i.e. Commercial, Domestic etc, click MERGE and finally select the type of format you want (letter, Email or Text) that you wish to use and simply print off, e mail or text) - with one click!  This merging alone will increase your profits dramatically. We don't know of any other software that can do a mail merge using this critical information. Don't miss out on your clients spending more money with you - more often!

Get Different - Get Creative....

This is where you get different. This is what will create those special unique mailings that no other company can ever achieve, and it's as EASY AS 123. After selecting the type of client (in the steps above), then you might want to mail those that you gave a particular type of Service to? Maybe you want to mail only those that you sold say protector to 12 months its a good idea to send them an incentive offer i.e. 'it has now been one year since we treated your carpets, and we highly recommend that you now have your carpets cleaned & re-protected'....etc etc FANTASTIC, & this can be for ANY service!! Even if you wish to send a special letter to those of a particular Source? maybe all those that heard about you from a magazine? It could be a themed letter or leaflet!, or those of a particular Retailer? - you could offer them something relating to that. It gets better...! Why not mail all your BEST clients who have spent over a particular amount? (Total Spend) say everyone who has spent over 5,000.00 - with a tailor made classy leaflet or letter? CAN YOU START TO SEE THE POWER ALREADY?!. But wait, it keeps getting better. What about also including those of a particular area (Postcode) where you know that is a wealthy part of town?? You see it's all about creating your letters so that they can be instantly sent to whoever, however & whenever, in the QUICKEST, STRESS FREE time possible! It has just taken you SECONDS to complete this, not hours (or even days!!).

             Text Marketing (Text TARGETER)

Texting: Is certainly not the newest form of contact with people - I mean its been around for as long as phones themselves. But recently text marketing has proven to be one of the best ways to market to your clients. Think about it - if we get a text, what do we do with it? We open it of course because we have to! So, this means that your text will get read - and your marketing message received.

According to figures, your marketing could be 20% more successful using a texting system!

So wouldnt it be great if there was a system that can completely automate this all? Wouldnt it be great if it could work alongside your current marketing - using the same screens and filters so that you dont get confused or have to 'learn' anything (that would drive you mad right!)?

Well, welcome to Text Targeter an integrated part of Cleaners Mate!

Following on from this, wouldnt it be a fantastic benefit if you could contact your client/s quickly by sending them a one off text to let them know your job or appointment details - rather than trying to phone them? You know it will be delivered - and that it will have to be read. Text Marketer will also send texts to any of your clients - just like our mailing system. So for instance you could:

>  Send an offer to clients of a related Service that they have had! Personalisation = better response!
>  Send incentives to those of a particular Source! The possibilities of this is endless!
>  Market different types of clients based on their spend with you! Send different texts to different spenders!
>  Text all your clients in one go if that's what you need to do!
>  Send a confirmation text for an appointment - or a price!
>  Send a reminder?

This system is perfect. Lets say you want to work in a particular road or town - well you just text all your clients in that area (postcode or town) - and then wait for the response! This saves you money on traveling because you are local from job to job. Maybe you just want to do some easy leather cleaning for a week - just text your clients who have had leather cleaning - and hey presto! This takes SECONDS! And there is so much more you can do with this!

Here are some screenshots showing how amazingly quick and simple it is to actually carry out a texting campaign within the Cleaners Mate system:

It Gets Even Better!

Try different mailings to your existing clients and then TRACK THEM with ease. Maybe one month you want to send them a letter, the next time on your mail merge that they are due, you decide to send them an offer voucher - or even a reminder postcard etc. This is where you will find this invaluable, because on each and every invoice you will need to enter how the repeat client heard about you. This information is then viewed in the Reports section. You will very quickly know exactly what works - or not, to establish what is the most effective way to get your clients to spend money with you!

Never want to mistakenly mailshot a particularly difficult client? - remove the fear of this happening by simply ticking the OPT OUT box on the client screen so that they wont receive any marketing again. This can be done at any time, and if they become a good client again simply change it back by un-ticking the box - fantastically easy!

               Email Marketing (Mailshot by Email!)

If you don't want to mailshot by letter or text then this package will allow you to send a particular type of client an e mail in the same way as the above 2 methods - maybe a monthly newsletter or just a quick offer - all at the click of a button too! If you want you can also BULK e mail ALL your clients to cut costs on postage! Some internet providers wont let you e mail all your clients in one go, as it may be considered spamming. Cleaners mate however, automatically sends them to each client 5 seconds apart (unseen) - to ensure that they will all be sent through, GREAT!

You Want More?

Included with this package are FREE template letters ready to send to your clients. Yes FREE! These are  proven letters that actually work and will be yours when you purchase the software. We have used them for years and each month we are surprised at how many existing clients call us back! We have also set them up so that you dont have to put all the merge fields in yourself - all you need to do is insert your company details!
Make So Much EXTRA a month, just from contacting your clients using this system! - Just With a couple of Clicks!     
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Simply click the phone icon to send your client a text message!
Simply open the client screen to send a text!
Then simply enter your text and click send! No complications, just quick & easy!
When sending bulk texts, all you need to do is after selecting your 'target' clients, is click the Merge button at the bottom (this opens a new window) and then you have a choice of sending them either an E mail, a Word document or a Text (or export to CSV). In this case we just click Send SMS.
Just enter your message on the left pane and click send! The clients you selected will then receive your text instantly. How easy is that!!
Text Local - The Award Winning Texting System
The Best of Both Worlds!
If however, you want to progress and use more in-depth features, then all you need to do is log on to your account at Text Local ( and utilise their extensive range of tools. You can set your texts to go out at a particular time and date (maybe you want the day off, but still need them to go out!?), upload groups of contacts, keep message templates - the list is endless, so just log on and you will soon be an advanced user.

If this isnt your cup of tea - just use it within Cleaners Mate, its plenty powerful enough and your text campaigns will soon be the quickest form of marketing you could use - and the simplest. This way its easy and incredibly effective - but without the learning curve that you may want to avoid!

Texting is perfectly legal! And does not break any data protection policies. For more information & guidance from the Government website click here: 'Information Commissioners Office' or download it from here.

Simply select your criteria. All or some or even just one can be selected. Removing just by clicking the red cross.
Then just click Merge!
Selecting your bulk clients and your filters takes seconds, ready for merging
Then just decide if you want to:

1) Browse for a letter/flyer/newsletter/leaflet/postcard/address label etc etc  2) Select an email  3) Send a text  4) Export your list to a csv to upload to Textlocal (for advanced options).

This is the simplest, most powerful system we could create, all systems use the same filtering/merge feature to keep it uniform & easy!
Mail Marketing
Text Marketing
Email Marketing
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Don't forget, unlike other software we don't use old fashioned 'text editors' which is essentially a screen within the program where you add text (images can be a problem) and then merge it to print, ideally to a pre printed media or stationary letterheads etc. We only use Microsoft Word which is the best way to design and print your marketing knowing that whatever you design will stay that way. You can even download hundreds of free templates off of the Microsoft website, including flyers, leaflets, postcards, newsletters - you name it and you can get it. So by using Word which is simple and powerful - alongside Cleaners Mate, makes it truly an unbeatable combination.
Some screenshots of the easy one click step to great marketing