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How simple can it be? Well very actually! The biggest problem with off the shelf packages is that its difficult to customise as it isn't tailored to the plumbing industry. Well our is! Not only is it as simple as a click to enter what type of service they had (essential information), but if you need to put in a weird and wonderful service that's completely random - it will let you do this too! How about directly printing it off or e mailing it AUTOMATICALLY in PDF format to your commercial clients - Click Click - Done!

Powerful & Effective is what we would describe the invoicing feature of this programme.

Below is the Invoice Screen which shows you how easy it is to carry out any task.
Remember - ALL services and prices can be edited to suit you, or even changed completely! You can even add products and set the price if you wish!
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Choose your client from the client screen, then click 'Add new invoice' - this then brings up this screen Choose what terms i.e. 'Paid' or '30 days' etc Choose what service they had from a drop down list i.e. 'Leather Cleaning' Then type in what areas they had done i.e. 3 seater sofa & 2 armchairs etc Then simply enter a price. Add notes on the job (does not show on invoice) and add notes separately for the client to see if you need to. Lastly you can choose to print it off via the print button or send it by e mail as a PDF document.
When you click to print the invoice you are shown a preview (as above) - just to make sure there are no errors. As you can see there is a space for your logo on the top right corner. When you have finished with your invoice, all the information is then stored in the database to be used for marketing and refining your business.
Quotations are used/entered in exactly the same way as an invoice to make it nice and easy! - also the great thing about the estimates (apart from automatically e mailing them to clients) is that if you end up doing the job, you just need to click one button and it will convert it into an invoice - how handy is that!!