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Settings...Quick & Easy To Set Up!
It is important that you spend a few minutes setting up the program to your liking, to ensure you have no problems in using the software correctly. So, here is a quick guide to help get you going:
Your Details
Simply fill in all your company details, as this will be entered in to your invoices and quotes. Don't forget to tick the box if you are VAT registered (and set the rate).

There is a Back up location stored here to save your clients files & folders. When you save files in the client screen they will backed up to a location you choose. By default My Documents are clicked, to change it to a different location use the browse button. Please see the Back up tab for doing actual Back up's.
Upload your logo to use in your invoices and quotes - also upload a larger one to be displayed in the main screen (optional).
Picklist Manager: Simply click to enter in to menus to edit/add new/delete. Once you change anything in the picklist manager, you will not be able to change them once they have been used in any invoices. If they havent been used, they can be but this is why its important to do it first BEFORE you use the program.

To edit items in the picklist manager, click on i.e. Client type, you will then see a menu appear next to it. You can change the text on the left - but you have to keep the number next to it. If you want to add more, simply go to the bottom, insert new text and assign the next available number next to it.

View/Add Licence info: If you need to enter your licence code, simply use this section.
Outlook Express: If you use Outlook Express you need to tick this box to avoid an error screen (microsoft issue).
Invoice number: You can set your own numbering system - to start from a number you select. Particularly useful if you nave to follow on from the last set of numbers from what you were using before. Even letters can be used before the number if required.

Body text: This is where you need to enter text that will appear on the bottom of all invoices (i.e. Terms etc). Also on the footer (bottom of page), you can enter more text i.e. Web address etc.
Invoice Email
This is where your email text goes for when sending invoices by email (you have to use either microsoft outlook or outlook express). You can put in your own subject line, message body and even change what merge data you want to use (by clicking the buttons below).
Same as Invoices (see above).
Quote Email
Same as Invoice Email (see above).
You can have different users on the system, this allows different passwords to be used if required, and whoever is logged on - their names will appear on emails.
Import Clients
You can import your clients into Cleaners Mate from elsewhere by spreadsheet format (only basic data, not other invoice history for example. There is a video here on how to do this. For historical invoice history to be imported, please contact us.
Back Up
Use this feature OFTEN! It is important that you back up regularly as it only takes a few seconds. Click Create Back Up to save to your pc - however it is strongly recommended that you click Save Back Up instead to save your data to an outside source i.e. Memory stick, external hard drive or cd.
Bulk Email
If you plan to send emails to your clients in bulk, then simply enter your email settings in this section (you will not need to fill this in for sending emails from the client screen).
When installing the software you will select your region, if at any time you need to change it - you can from here. Please note: Cleaners Mate uses your pc regional settings - this means that if you click UK when installing Cleaners Mate but your regional settings on your pc is set to US, then it will not display UK currency. Please make sure your Regional Settings AND Microsoft Office settings are set to UK.
Calendar Settings
To adjust the calendar features, do so from here. However you can adjust these within the Calendar too.
Quote Master
This is where you enter all your settings for the in-home quotation system. You will need to adjust your prices, package names etc to suit your business.
SMS Options
To use the text targeter system you will need to enter your textlocal settings in here. You need to go on to their website at and create an account, which is very quick indeed.
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